TRiA Cloud Management Platform Now Available in a Separate License

TRiA Cloud Management Platform Now Available in a Separate License

The majority of enterprises deploy workloads across more than one type of cloud, but managing a dispersed IT infrastructure can be a challenge. That’s why Connectria is pleased to announce that we’re now offering the general availability our TRiA Cloud Management Platform under a separate licensing agreement.

TRiA has been a standard part of our managed cloud services and will continue to be included in these service packages. With the explosion of cloud deployments and the continued challenges IT leaders are having managing multiple cloud environments, we decided it was time to offer TRiA to a wider market.

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Gain Visibility & Control Across Multiple Clouds

We originally developed TRiA to help us manage our customers’ cloud deployments. Since then, TRiA has evolved, both in response to our own requirements as well as requests from our customers. Here are some of the IT goals and objectives TRiA can help you achieve:

Cost Optimization – Calculate cost savings opportunities by identifying unused resources and situations where Reserved Instances make financial sense.

Performance Monitoring - Improve productivity and user experience by identifying resources that aren’t meeting expectations.

Security and Compliance - Create consistent governance across clouds and monitor IT security and compliance against a wide range of frameworks and regulations including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, ISO 27001, and more.

Alerts – Set bots to alert you to scenarios that require your attention such as resources that have fallen out of compliance or are being underutilized.

Automation – Build in efficiencies by automating responses such as spinning down resources at certain times of day or when utilization falls below a specified level.


Our support for multiple types of clouds is one of the capabilities that set TRiA apart from other CMPs. While we don’t support every cloud on the market, we do support several of the most popular ones including AWS, Azure, GCP, VMWare and IBM i. We can also provide visibility into non-supported clouds like Oracle and Alibaba, although some functionality may be limited.

In the weeks ahead, we will be sharing more details about TRiA on this blog and on our website. However, you can reach out to us to schedule a personalized demo for your organization. We also have a free, 14-day trial version available for AWS and Azure. You can request that here. It takes just moments to get started.

Remember, if you are an existing Connectria Managed Cloud customer, you already have access to TRiA. To get started, log in to using the same credentials you use for Connectria’s ticketing portal. If you don’t have your login information, contact your Connectria Client Success Manager.